Liege, Belgium

This new shopping mall sits in the 40,000m2 ‘Mediacite’ development in Liege. Once the world’s foremost centre of steel production, Liege has since been in economic decline – the building now stands out as a symbol of the city’s revitalisation and strives to spearhead its regeneration.

The deadlines on this project were particularly tight as we were brought in only once construction had already begun. Working closely with investors, local consultants and client team, we managed to create an iconic design to a brief with limited budget and a near impossible programme with high aspirations. And in the end it took just 18 months from design tender to completion

The 350m long mall weaves its way from the old market at one end, through the heart of the shopping centre to the Belgian national television building at the other. The design of the roof unites these elements with a complex network of steel roof ribs that undulate along the mall. We sourced specialist fabricators who were capable of delivering the complex steel structure and value engineer the design using digital technologies to refine and minimise steelwork.


(copyright RAAL)

Project facts

  • Status: Complete
  • Area: Modules from 9750m2
  • Cost: €18.75m
  • Construction Duration: 34 months
  • Status detail: Complete 2009