London, England

This nine-storey apartment block houses 35, one- to four-bedroom units on Eltham High Street in Greenwich. The block itself is a modular building that can be built offsite using volumetric fabrication. The design breaks up the traditional monolithic form of most apartment blocks, taking into account the views to and from the new development and the location of the main street activity. Practical considerations such as orientation, the prevailing winds, access and security also influenced the design.

We meticulously planned the location and configuration of the apartments to provide a good mix of different layouts and create flexible, efficient and comfortable homes. We reduced the length of the internal corridors and ensured there was plenty of natural light and high levels of ventilation. Importantly, all residents also have access to plenty of light-filled open spaces and each apartment has a private balcony.

Project facts

  • Status: Feasibility
  • Area: Typical floorplate 350m2
  • Status detail: Feasibility